Pulcal is an old coffee estate overlooking the colonial city of Antigua, and is situated at a range of 6000 feet in altitude. The farm dates to early colonial times, but coffee was planted in the late 1800's and first exported in 1918. The farm is said to have a unique micro-climate in the Antigua valley, as well as hillside exposure and well-draining soils. "Inteligente" refers to a specific block of the farm, planted in old Typica and Bourbon cultivar trees. It's all the way at the top and has the best sun exposure and ideal topography. 


Pulcal Inteligente is a sweet and balanced cup.  The dry fragrance shows strength in raw sugar sweetness, along with notes of roasted almond and cinnamon dry spice.  When hot, the brewed coffee shows convincing sweetness of brown sugar and elegant, apple-like acidity. As it cools, light roasts show intimations of green tea and raisin, underscored by lush brown sugar sweetness. Further roast development brings out fruit notes with the sticky pectin sweetness of dried fig, while bittersweet chocolate flavors fill out the flavor base. From Light to Medium this makes a fantastic brewed coffee and the sweetness should hold into the early stages of a dark roast. Also doubles wonderfully as a SO espresso ("single origin"). Deep medium shots produce incredibly viscous mouthfeel, dense dark chocolate flavors, and dark, dried fruit and licorice hints in the finish.


Origin and tasting notes from Coffeeshrub.



Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Inteligente


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