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Lanoca's Origin

-   ABOUT US  -


Like the individual coffees we offer, Lanoca Coffee Company has a single origin.  And also like those coffees, a journey was involved.  From the aisles of A&P and Winn-Dixie, where the sound and smell of a bright red bag of Eight O'Clock Coffee being ground left indelible impressions on a 5 year old kid - to the little house on a dirt road where Saturday night and 7:00 meant a black cup of that coffee, soda crackers, and an hour of Lawrence Welk. 


From that little house on that dirt road, Lanoca Avenue; to helping push us through late night study sessions in college; to jobs taking us to China, Germany, France, and Costa Rica, coffee has been there in some form or fashion.   Almost 11 years ago, a thoughtful Christmas gift put us on this most recent path.  And as the roastery has grown, so has our desire to learn even more, and to build on the growing community of coffee enthusiasts in Eastern North Carolina.  The Institute is a destination for anyone with an interest in coffee.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our progress.

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