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Lanoca Chill is our 20 hour cold brew coffee concentrate.  It has been blended 1 part Chill to 1 part Deer Park spring water in bottling.  It's brewed to be blended up to 2 more times, depending on taste.  This can be done with water, milk/creamer, or anything else you'd like to blend it with.  Due to the 20 hour room-temp extraction, you'll find a smoother (67% less acidity), sweeter (more sugars are extracted at those temps over that extended period of time), more caffeinated, fuller flavored cold brew than most on the market.  This is a craft beverage that must be kept refrigerated, and will be good for 2 weeks from date of pickup.  Due to demand, please allow 3-4 days for availability, once you order.  We're temporarily out of 16 oz bottles.  Available in 64 oz Growler, 128 oz Gallon (not shown).

Lanoca Chill

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