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If your mornings are full of chaos, then this coffee is just the dark and stormy assist you need so you can put the biscuit in the basket without seeing RED.


A slap shot of energy that will blow your face-off & keep you off the bench & in the game. The partnership between Lanoca Coffee Company & The State You're In officially presents the next limited release coffee for your enjoyment. This dark(ish) roast is robust enough to get that smoky note you dark roast fans crave, but not so dark it’ll put your taste buds in the Penalty Box.


You can grab a bag in person at Bayleaf Market in Raleigh or The Market at Three Little Birds in Clayton starting February 27th or put one in the Net right now and bring home the win to your mailbox.

Storms' A Brewin'

  • Orders for this coffee are processed once per week.  Get your order in by Monday at 8:00 AM (EST) to have it processed and shipped by Thursday of that week.  

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